Our Management Team

Our Management Team



Guy Max Malul

CEO & Managing Partner

Serving Since: 2001


Guy Max Malul, Principal & CEO of MCM Management Solution Corporation, draws upon his years of experience in housing management and real estate sales and marketing to help lead MCM Management Solution in its long term growth and strategic planning goals. Mr. Malul is highly respected throughout the industry for his "get-it-done" approach. His prominent influence has defined the company, setting into place the core values necessary for steady growth and profitability.

In addition to his general real estate and housing management experience,  Mr. Malul has an impressive track record and a unique ability to identify properties with a strong upside potential. Mr. Malul follows his philosophy of always putting the tenant first.




Gila Dorit Cohen

CFO & Managing Partner

Serving Since: 2001


Ms. Cohen is the Principal and CFO of MCM Management Solution Corporation.  Drawing on over 25 years of her general real estate experience, Ms. Cohen currently serves as CFO for all affiliate entities within the MCM’s umbrella of Corporations.  Ms. Cohen develops business plans in support of the company’s overall long term strategic plans. Ms. Cohen works closely with the Principals, offering guidance in forecasting the company’s financial requirements to ensure future growth.

Ms. Cohen maintains her relationship with clients as a trusted resource for guidance in mitigating financial risk; she offers assistance in the identification and procurement of lenders and programs to favorably restructure existing debt or to finance property rehabilitation projects in addition to normal operating proforma’s and the organized reporting of each entities, Annual Budget, Financial statement and Tax Returns as required with each Lender, regulatory Agency and or Investor.  

Ms, Cohen holds a BS.Degree in Biochemistry, BS Electrical Engineering and MS Electrical Engineering from Fairleigh Dickenson University. She is also a Passive House Consultant - PHIUS.



Shai Malul

Director of Operations & Maintenance 

Serving Since: 2010


Shai Malul is the Director of Operations at MCM Management Solution Corporation. Drawing on years of success in the marketing, management and positioning of investment-grade residential real estate on behalf of client investors, Mr. Malul works in close collaboration with the President and CEO to establish MCM’s strategic plan for financial stability and long-term growth; achieved through the continued cultivation of current client relationships together with the procurement of new business opportunities in residential housing. 

In his role as Director of Operations, Mr. Malul is responsible for identifying, obtaining, coordinating and implementing systems and resources in an effective and efficient manner, to ensure that the company’s operational performance is positioned to achieve corporate objectives established within the framework of the strategic plan. His role is unique within the organization; his authority and responsibility for quality control extends from corporate management to field operations throughout the managed-properties portfolio.

Mr. Malul clearly understands the correlation between achieving each client’s investment goals and objectives and ensuring MCM’s overall success; his strengths include building long-term relationships of trust with clients through excellence in service without exception. 

Mr. Malul received a Law degree from Tel-Aviv University  


Michael Siberio

Regional Property Manager

Serving Since: 2005


Michael Siberio joined MCM Management Solution in 2005 working as a tenant relations manager.  He currently serves as Regional Property Manager. Mr. Siberio works with a highly trained professional leasing and property management staff in the on-going leasing and marketing of established communities as well as overseeing  the marketing and leasing efforts for some of the most active lease-up jobs in MCM’s portfolio. This includes the oversight of the marketing budget, advertising and outreach efforts as well as the implementation of the General Marketing plan.

Mr. Siberio has over 10 years of experience in the real estate management filed and is a true asset of MCM. Mr. Siberio lives by the “Solutions are always handy” philosophy.




Luis Velez

Regional Maintenance Consultant

Serving Since: 2007


Luiz Velez oversees a department whose scope of authority spans the entire managed-property portfolio, and is directly and fundamentally related to the success of MCM’s property management field operations.  The department provides advisory support, mentoring, oversight, trouble-shooting and applications assistance to on-site management and technical personnel, with an emphasis on improving procedural efficiency in preventive, routine and long-term maintenance systems. 

Mr. Velez is a readily available resource of MCM, making himself available for any type of site maintenance issue. Mr. Velez is a critical part of the leadership team. Mr. Velez holds numerous certifications in the electrical and plumbing industry.