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To the applicant: We sincerely thank you for your application. Please help us promptly process this application by clearly completing all of the required information.
If there are other sources of income you would like us to consider, please list income, source and person (Banker, Employer, ect) who we could contact for confirmation. You do NOT have to reveal alimony, child support or spouse's annual income unless you want us to consider it in this application.
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Credit Release Authorization
I hereby authorize MCM MANAGEMENT SOLUTION CORP. and/or their assigned credit bureau to obtain any and all information regarding my employment, checking and/or savings accounts, credit obligation, rental information and all other credit matters which they may require in connection with leasing an apartment. This consent is effective for a period of six months from the date of this consent. This form may be reproduced or photocopied and that shall be as effective as the original which I have signed.
In consideration of Management agreeing to take this unit off the market pending approval of my application, I hereby acknowledge that any and all deposits I made in connection with renting an apartment will be forfeited in the event I will be approved but will not sign a lease agreement and/or sign a lease agreement, but fail to move into the rental unit.
I hereby acknowledge that the typed signature below constitutes a binding and legal signature.

Fair Housing
MCM Management Solution Corp complies with the federal housing act and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability or on any other basis protected by applicable state, federal, or local fair housing laws.

Representation And Authorization
Applicant acknowledges that they have reviewed and understand the Rental Criteria Guidelines and all of the information provided in this application for residency is true and complete. In the even the applicant provides any false or misleading information in the application, Owner/Agent shall have the right to automatically deny this application.
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